Project Preparation

Project Preparation


PPF5 provides assistance to SEIO for the development of a comprehensive methodology for selection and prioritisation of strategically relevant infrastructure projects. Criteria for projects prioritization are developed for the following sectors: environment, energy, transport and business related infrastructure sectors. The Methodology is based on three main pillars:

  • Strategic relevance assessment,
  • Institutional capacity on the central and local level,
  • Maturity of the projects for financing.

The first step in the process is the collection of infrastructure projects which are considered important in the implementation of sector strategies or national /regional socio-economic development programmes which will be subject of strategic relevance assessment. Strategically relevant projects will be further subject of Gap assessment analysis: scope of the project, alternative options, institutional, technical, economic/financial and environmental aspects of the project. Thus the projects from the final list will be divided into 4 groups:

  1. ready for tendering;
  2. ready for preparation of technical documentation;
  3. minor gap to be addressed before preparation of technical documentation;
  4. substantial gaps to be addressed before preparation.

The preparation of technical documentation for major investment projects will be coordinated and monitored by specifically established Project Teams. Each major project will have its own team which will meet on a regular basis (to assess progress) and should be in regular reporting contact with SEIO and the relevant Sector Working Group. The work of the teams will be supported by PPF5 project preparation experts. The selected projects will be designed to support the achievement of key strategic development objectives in Serbia.