Capacity Building

Capacity Building


PPF5 provides assistance to SEIO in designing and implementing capacity building activities which are intended to:

  • Ensure institutions involved in programming will receive necessary know-how on the new features of IPA2 (sector assessment, programming IPA2 , applying methodology for project selection and prioritisation, infrastructure project preparation and implementation)
  • Strengthen institutional memory and capitalisation of knowledge by designing alternative and innovative methods and tools for capacity building

Capacity building is closely interlinked with other project activities. Tailored and timely capacity building actions will ensure the delivery of the other two project results: Result 1: Strategic programming documents and Result 3: Project preparation, and will be implemented as integrated (support) interventions with activities provided in relation to these two results.

Through PPF5 capacity building activities a thorough analysis of workloads and functions of each institutions to effectively prepare and monitor multi annual sector support programmes has been carried out, thus allowing the assessment of institutional capacities and making proposal for functional adjustments in each of the SSP involved institutions (direct link with PPF5 Result 1).

Also, a tailor made modules on the methodology for infrastructure project selection and prioratisation, project preparation and implementation; have been considered. This will allow building capacities specifically those IPA Units and SEIO staff responsible for testing methodology and applying all steps in the selection and prioritization, project preparation and implementation process for infrastructure projects (direct link with PPF5 Result 3).


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