Strategic Programming Documents

01 PPF5 supports SEIO in the identification of national priorities for IPA co-funding and will provide assistance to SEIO and the line ministries on the formulation of sectorial objectives, priorities and measures for the annual and multiannual IPA 2014-2020 programming.

It is also intended to provide national inputs to the EC CSP for planning the use of IPA assistance in Serbia. In additional pipelines of projects will be identified for the implementation of IPA sector support programmes learn more

Capacity Building

03 PPF5 provides assistance to SEIO in designing and implementing capacity building activities which are intended to ensure institutions involved in programming will receive necessary know-how on the new features of IPA2 (sector assessment, programming IPA2 , applying methodology for project selection and prioritisation, infrastructure project preparation and implementation).

PPF5 helps Serbia to strengthen institutional memory and capitalisation of knowledge by designing alternative and innovative methods and tools. learn more

Project Preparation

02 PPF5 provides assistance to SEIO for the development of a comprehensive methodology for selection and prioritisation of strategically relevant infrastructure projects. Criteria for projects prioritization are developed for the following sectors: environment, energy, transport and business related infrastructure sectors.

Strategically relevant projects will be further subject of Gap assessment analysis. The selected projects will be designed to support the achievement of key strategic development objectives in Serbia. learn more